Asparagus and bits of bacon

So my copy of Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan arrived a few hours ago (not a moment too soon) and all I can say is, “Man, I love food porn!”  This book is delicious.  I cracked the spine, smelled the book and quickly looked up this week’s recipe, asparagus and bits of bacon.  Right. What’s not to love?  Bacon and asparagus, yippee!

I hopped in the car to pick up a few things at Viking Village (don’t ask) and was immediately annoyed.  No walnut or hazelnut oil as far as the eye could see.  Whatever.  I drove to the other side of town to check out the competition and guess what?  Strike two.  I drove home with my asparagus, once again irked by the fact that we live in a small town with limited food resources.  There are tons of fabulous things about living in Reedsburg but at the moment I am wishing my zip code was closer to Madison. Oh, well. Time to improvise, a skill I have only picked up in the kitchen since living here.  Olive oil it is.

Back in the kitchen I assembled the rest of the cast.  Here is what they look like:

I must confess something at this point, I actually have a sous chef doing most of the prep. As it is Spring Break here both children are lurking around and Hannah didn’t make it out of my line of sight fast enough so now she must help.  All photography credits go to her and most likely I will have to grovel at her feet if you are reading this at all. I am an idiot on the computer and ten to one she will save me in a few minutes when I cannot figure out how to post this.  Here is the uber lovely Miss Hannah:

Bacon in the pan, water boiling and walnuts in the oven roasting.  What, you say, there are no walnuts in this recipe?  I beg to differ. If one cannot find walnut oil in the boonies, one can certainly impart a nutty flavor by adding roasted walnuts to the finished dish.  And these are not just ANY walnuts, these are black walnuts my Uncle Dan lovingly collected and extracted by hand. Double Yum!

Back to the cooking.  Bacon turned out deliciously browned and after cooling went back in the pan with the diced onion. I know the recipe said not to brown the onions but I just didn’t think that would fly here so I let them soften up some and take on color.  Asparagus cooked and patted dry then on to assemble the whole ensemble.  The finished masterpiece!  Not only is it pleasing to the eye, the tummy is VERY happy as well.  Guten Appetit!


28 thoughts on “Asparagus and bits of bacon

  1. Cher

    Welcome aboard.
    I hear you about living in rural areas – there have been a few occasions when getting a recipe done involved a scavenger hunt. The great thing about this is I have definitely become more resourceful (and have discovered some new food markets that I never knew were around me).
    Great job & lovely helper.
    Look foward to seeing you next week as well!

    • heidi1169

      Thanks for the compliment. Hannah is so much fun to work with and it is a great way to connect with an almost teenager. Keep your little one in the kitchen with you and I am sure he/she will be inspired!

  2. Alice

    I think most of us let the onions get color…. otherwise, what’s the point of putting them in the bacon fat? 🙂 Your helper seems happy to help anyways! 🙂

  3. thekitchenlioness

    Nice looking “grüner Spargel”! I enjoyed reading your post and really liked your pictures. Looking forward to next week!
    Happy Easter/frohe Ostern!

  4. Tricia S.

    Welcome to the adventure – you are off to a fabulous start ! I love that you have “helpers”. My own two sons enjoy being the official “taste testers” and look forward to getting some new adventure to taste each week. I actually went with olive oil myself and thought it was lovely…though I really love how you added in those nuts. Nana also voted this one a recipe at her house and she will be making it again for our entire families this weekend. Yay.

  5. nana

    Welcome, I hope you enjoy cooking with the Doritas as much as Tricia and I have. The recipes
    are fun, and you will end up with more spices than you will need for the rest of your life. I
    try to share some with Tricia just to use them up. Your asparagus looks great and
    so delicious. Happy Easter.

  6. betsy

    Welcome aboard! You’ll have a blast. Such nice people in this group. Good job on the resourcefulness. Your walnuts sound very special. I did have walnut oil, but the flavor wasn’t that noticeable, and the idea of adding toasted walnuts sounds very appealing, so I think your ingenuity might have improved upon the original. Nice job.

  7. Cathleen

    I’m not in this group, but I am in the Baking with Julia group. I love that your kids cook along with you. My daughter is away at college, but when home she loves to cook as well. I do the same thing when I get a new book. Love the scent! No ebooks for me. I like your blog. 🙂

    • heidi1169

      I love the hear that others have their families cook along with them. It is a real bonding experience, especially as they hit those teen years. I taught my kids to “smell” their books as well and it one of the criteria we use for picking out a good book. No ebooks here either! Happy Friday and thanks for the compliment!

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