Sardine Rillettes

Well, here goes nothing.  I was initially very excited to see this recipe but a head cold and rockin’ headache to go with it are really keeping me down.  No worries, my sous chef should be home from tap lessons in a few minutes to help me out so  I’ll start without her.

Sardines, you either love them or wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole. I happen to love them and have fond memories of Sunday afternoons as a child when my dad would roll back the top of a tin of sardines (just like in the cartoons) and spread them on Saltines.  My mother would, of course, run for the hills claiming they smelled too fishy (duh).  She still doesn’t like her fish to taste like fish, a statement I really don’t “get” as I will eat anything from the sea.  I once ate smoked eel (think popsicle)  out of the back of a truck at the North Sea in northern Germany.  Sehr gut!

Now while my husband and children also adore seafood, only Eli has ever been brave enough to eat stinky sardines with his mommy.  Let’s see what happens after I smoosh them up and add cream cheese (nothing wrong with cream cheese, right?).

Here is what the sardines look like that I bought at Viking Village (again, no comments please). If they were good enough for King Oscar, they are good enough for me.  I decided to use cream cheese because that is what I had on hand.


Before I start the chopping and mixing, probably time for a drinkie poo.  Prosit!

P.S. Don’t you think my shirt looks French?


OK, now on to the real work.  Cream cheese softened, shallot minced, green onion in the bowl.  I used cayenne because I have no idea what piment d’ Espelette is but I will definitely be checking it out soon.  Lemon and salt, as in sel gris, velvet from Bekah Kate’s.  Chives stolen from the neighbors, compliments of my son, Eli.


Now for the big moment, let’s open this baby up!  Man, that stinks, but Eli and I simply cannot help ourselves, we start scooping  them out of the tin and eating them directly.  Yum!

Now on to the finished product, which I served with toasted baguette slices.


Here is the verdict:  Eli claims he could eat it out of the bowl, no toasted baguette required.  “In my world, this is the food of the week!”


Hannah, on the other hand, refused to EVEN TRY IT!  EWWWW, GROSS!


Bob tried a few, remaining polite (but he used hot sauce from our Puerto Rican vacation).  Thanks, honey for putting up with my antics.  Perhaps now wouldn’t be a good time to mention that I joined the Tuesdays with Dorie group as well?

I think the recipe rocks!  I will most certainly use this as an appetizer for my next soiree.  No fear cooking, bring on the lamb!   Now, how do you suppose I can get rid of this fishy smell in the kitchen, Grandma Mary?


16 thoughts on “Sardine Rillettes

  1. gretchenhaynal

    I have never tried sardines from the can! But I think I would like them. I will have to have them at your house this summer. Along with the drinkie poo.

  2. gretchenhaynal

    I have never had sardines from a can! I will have to have them at your house this summer, along with the drinkie poo…or two.

  3. alwaysaddmorebutter

    Thanks for the store shout -out! Glad you guys liked this one. Next time I see you I will explain the TWD & FFWD badges thing – it’s really easy but I’m too lazy to type it out. Have a good weekend!

  4. Mary Hirsch

    Heidi, Love that the entire family participated, in one way or the other. Yes, a drink with ANY recipe-making is always in order. And, yes your blouse looks very, very chic and French. Loved your family Post. Mary

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