Tuesdays with Dorie Lemon Loaf Cake

Saturday morning, I am still in my pjs and so is my sous chef for the day, Mr. Eli (his sister is at a sleep over and will likely come home too crabby to make eye contact with).  This is my first post for Tuesdays with Dorie and so far I am loving this cookbook.  It is soooo pretty.  The comments I  have been reading are not.  We aren’t allowed to post until Tuesday but we can comment and it seems as if this recipe wasn’t quite the home run we were expecting.  Oh, well. let’s give it a try anyway.

Another cup of coffee and Live in Paris from Diana Krall on the IPOD and we are all set. I decided to use Meyer Lemons instead of regular after reading some of the comments. Thank for that tip! Yum!  After making all the lemons “bald” I decided to juice them and use them for a glaze, taking another piece of advice from other Tuesdays members.   A lovely photo of some of the delicious ingredients.  Notice the bowls, they are a recent gift from my Aunt Sue.  They belonged to my Grandma Grace and they bring back fond memories of Tang and green jello when my sisters and I would spend the night.

Eli really got a kick out of whisking (I had to remind him not to annihilate the batter).  It looked divine and smelled wonderful so I am really and truly hoping it tastes that great as well.  Into the oven and to the quick glaze. I used only the Meyer lemon juice and a bit of powdered sugar.  The sous chef deemed it acceptable for consumption.

When it was finished, I poke holes as advised by other bakers into the cake and quickly poured the glaze over, then let it cool.

We decided to unleash this experiment as dessert tonight.  I sliced strawberries and made   whip cream to go with it.  Results?  Dismal at best. It looked pretty but the taste was completely underwhelming.  I would not make this again and it actually seemed like a waste of some perfectly good Meyer lemons.  Oh well, when the world gives you lemons you can always bake something!


14 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie Lemon Loaf Cake

  1. The Double Trouble Kitchen

    I love the name of your blog. I say that to myself all the time. And I read your other post where Eli was eating the sardines. How did you get him to do that??? You have a special kid there. I can’t get my kids to eat a stinkin’ cucumber and yours are eating sardines. I am seriously jealous. ; )
    Anyway, welcome to TWD. It has been a lot of fun so far!

    • heidi1169

      Thanks for the compliments! Both Hannah and Eli are very adventurous eaters, we just keep trying, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t! Do you have twins? It sounds like it from your blog name!

      • The Double Trouble Kitchen

        Oh yes. They are four. They were more adventurous when they were 1. Now it is a lot of chicken nuggets and french fries. Maybe by the time they are Eli’s age they will be adventurous. I would love to try French Fridays but I know they won’t eat any of it, so it would be a waste of my time. “See”
        you in 2 weeks!

  2. Cher

    Sorry this wasn’t hit for you 😦
    This was a nice cake, but it didn’t have the oomph factor I think was initially hoping for.
    Love the Sous Chef’s bold pajamas…

  3. betsy

    I love your sous chef’s uniform! I used Meyer lemons too. I liked the texture of the cake, but the lemony flavor was too subtle. I added lemon and herb syrup on top which did help. Hopefully that Hungarian shortbread is more interesting.

  4. cookingjulia

    I was underwhelmed as well. I put juice in the batter, so the taste was strong enough, but this cake just wasn’t impressive.

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