French Fridays with Dorie Coconut Friands

Seems we are on to some sort of theme for the month of April with this cooking group.

Love it or Hate it”

Luckily, so far, I happen to belong to the “love it” team.  Coconut, what’s not to like?  This seemed like the sweetest little recipe, something to whip up while finishing my final paper for my AODA class and organizing the volunteer reception for our district’s volunteers (it’s National Volunteer Week).  I finally got to it yesterday.  It WAS so simple and pretty to whisk up the ingredients.The description that Dorie wrote in the cookbook made me want to brew some tea and invite my friends over to chat while nibbling on these delectables. Too bad things seem to be so crazy this week that I wasn’t even sure I would have time to try one while flying out the door.  I love the smell of coconut, although I wasn’t able to find unsweetened for this recipe but I think the sweetened worked just fine in this case.

looks pretty, but why does everything in my kitchen seem to be white?

 I was too lazy to buy another mini muffin tin, as mine bit the dust in a “let’s make our own crayons” fiasco.  I simply bought mini muffin cups and filled them with the batter and placed them on a cookie sheet, then popped them in the oven.  This worked really well!

Seventeen minutes later just as Dorie promised, these babies were ready!  The verdict?  Both Hannah and Eli gobbled them up, Eli claiming they were the best of the best (they don’t have access to vast amounts of sugar).  Bob had to be prodded to attempt a bite (he plays for  the other team) and pronounced them “good”.  If you know Bob, you know he means “crappy” but you can’t win them all.

Sadly for next week’s post I may need to trade my jersey in for the opponent’s colors.  Lamb, love it or hate it………………………stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie Coconut Friands

  1. alwaysaddmorebutter

    See, I LOVE lamb so next week I will be Ms. 100% Positive – it was the rest of April that had me worried. I ended up liking these more than I thought I would though. I might know where you can get a new mini muffin pan 🙂

  2. Teresa

    This was quite a controversial month to start French Fridays with Dorie! We really enjoyed these and are really looking forward to the lamb, too.

  3. Cher

    Yeah, I was not on team shredded coconut; but the rest of my house was, so it was all good. Next week, the rest of my house is team anti-lamb, so we substituted beef & it came out well. Whew.

    I am very curious abou the homemade crayons…

  4. betsy

    I was on the Love It side for the rest of April, but I definitely Hate Shredded Coconut. My sister took over for me this week. At least you got Bob to take a bite. My aversion would have prevented me from doing even that. Hope things calm down for you next week.

    • heidi1169

      still in Vegas celebrating my mom’s Bday but we are having a blast. Ended up taking a bite of someone’s lamb at dinner last night and now I am REALLY freaking out about next week! Which team are you on for that one?

      • betsy

        I am on Team Lamb. Made it last night and it smelled so good. We’re not eating it until tonight, so I hope the taste lives up. Hope you like it. (Hope you’re enjoying your Mom’s Vegas birthday celebration. How fun!)

  5. Sandy

    Add me to the love coconut side,I converted over from the hate sardine side and looking forward to the lamb. Love your post,still has me laughing and very nice job.

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