FFWD almond flounder meuniere

Bloggidy blog blog.  Not a great deal of inspiration at the moment so let’s just slog through this one.

First, I love fish, any kind of fish and so does my family so this was easy enough to “sell” at  my house.  One small detail,  I actually don’t cook fish.  This falls squarely on the shoulders of my hubby, Bob. Kind of like the Weber grill on the back patio, you know, man stuff.  I always say that if Bob suddenly passed away I would have to bury the grill with him.  So goes it with the fish recipes at the Feller household.  Soooo, disclaimer – I was only the sous chef and photographer for this recipe.  Glad I got that one off my chest, now the blogging police won’t be at my door tomorrow morning.

the usual suspects

I took care of grinding the almonds and setting it all up so that the lovely chef and his beer could read the recipe.  Reading done.  He took a look at the fish I had purchased ( I am too embarrassed to tell you where but the package did say “wild caught).  After he looked at my sad, emaciated flounder he said, “This is going to go fast.”  So off to the races we were.

The chef studying up for the big test

He was right, in a few minutes we had a lovely fish dinner.  Everyone was really happy with the results.  I have to say though, I couldn’t tell much of a difference between the almond coating and what we usually use.  The roasted almonds on the top were a nice touch and we served it with the recommended boiled, buttered potatoes with parsley and a nice spinach salad.  Not bad for a few minutes of hectic on a Sunday night. Nice work, Bob!


14 thoughts on “FFWD almond flounder meuniere

  1. alwaysaddmorebutter

    Way to go Bob! I was too lazy to make potatoes so I did an easy-peasy pasta. Kind of a strange pairing but oh well. I’m just guessing but does the place you bought the flounder start with a W? Nothing to be embarrassed about! We working with what we’ve got here in WI!

  2. Ei

    I just threw mine on lettuce and called it a day. You’re not the only one who won’t touch the grill. I’ve never even tried. Primarily because we have a build-a-fire type BBQ. Yeah, I don’t think so. Ohhhh, hubby!

  3. betsy

    At my house, we definitely have certain cooking tasks that always falls to one person. I never touch the grill or make breakfast. The family that cooks together and eats together, stays together! Nice job on the fish, Bob!

  4. Alice

    I used almost double the amount of almonds and couldn’t taste it either! My husband was actually surprised to learn (the next morning!) that I had used ANY almonds at all! LOL! Great source of protein though! 🙂

  5. yummychunklet

    Funny, while I was making this dish, I woefully thought of the lemon-infused fish fry breading I had just purchased and thought it was going to waste. I’m not sure there was much of a difference there either. Glad your fish went quickly!

  6. bevwinchester

    Ditto on the grill thing & the fish; I can’t seem to get it cooked fast enough before I wonder,,,,
    Did I do this right?

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