French Fridays with Dorie – Double Chocolate and Banana Tart

Double Chocolate and Banana Tart

Strawberry and Ganache Tart

This is a cautionary tale with a lesson (I am a teacher by trade after all). Acknowledging that there are different learning styles in the world, I am more than willing to share the lesson up front so that the lazy readers in the group can move directly to the final picture after reading the opening paragraph.  LESSON:  NEVER BEGIN A RECIPE ON A SATURDAY EVENING AFTER A GLASS OF WINE!

Now that we have that out of the way, this actually turned into a beautiful baking experience.  Hannah did most of the work, so kudos to her!  She also had a busy weekend with her year end dance recital and her tap routine rocked the house.  Here she is in all her glory:

And, yes, that smile stays plastered on her face the ENTIRE time she is on stage.

Back to the lesson.  Last night while Bob was grilling the fish for our fish tacos, I thought it would be a great idea to mix up the dough, form it and pop it into the freezer so that I could be a step ahead for today.  One glass of wine and a very long week behind me lead to poor reading skills.  Needless to say I mixed up the original dough instead of following the directions for the chocolate version in the margin.  Merde!  I contemplated throwing it out and starting all over but a month or two in this cooking group has changed me.  I read every week about how you brave souls change and adapt recipes to fit your taste.  Why not just go with it?

Mother’s Day morning and I am enjoying my coffee and book, The Master’s Muse about Balanchine’s last wife.  Time to bake the crust.  The part about freezing the crust in the pan appealed to me as I have never had good luck with the whole weights (aka beans) and foil thing.  It baked up beautifully!  I will definitely be using that trick again.  Hannah attempted to make the ganache but blew up the first batch of cream (another lesson learned) so they crew headed to the store to pick up more.  The second batch was silky and  gorgeous.

Hannah and I decided to use strawberries instead of bananas ( I know, I am way out on a ledge at this point), so we carmelized them in the butter and sugar, placed them on the crust and poured the ganache over.  Delish!  Off to lunch at Little Village and then back home for the final layer and the glaze.  Hannah did an amazing job, right down to gently layering the berries to make it look all professional and such.  Great dessert for a great Mother’s Day!  Maybe in this quest for trying new things and thinking out of the box I should sign up for tap lessons next year too………….


13 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Double Chocolate and Banana Tart

  1. nana

    I learned a long time ago to never drink (anything) until I had the plans under control, be it
    baking, cooking, whatever. Many a disaster was had with poor planning. Yours looks
    great, and I thought the berries are a great idea and plan to use that soon. Tricia and I
    used different versions this week. but both came out great. Definitely a recipe to make

  2. Kathy

    At least you could blame it on the wine…I’ve done things like that and could only blame it on my sometimers…sometimes I remember and sometimes I don’t! Your tart looks gorgeous…chocolate crust or not! I love the strawberries! Looks like you and Hannah made this your own!

  3. bevwinchester

    See there, the glass of wine did little harm- that tart is lovely; your strawberry rendition looks scrumptious!

  4. amanda

    You did good using the strawberries – it seems like a lot of us didn’t love the banana on top. Strawberry was probably much better!

  5. Krissy

    You were smart to go with strawberries…I was wishing for raspberries and should have gone with my wishes. Glad you didn’t throw out your crust…I’ll bet it was perfect with strawberries and chocolate. And…with another glass of wine, I”ll bet we’ll be seeing you in those tap dancing photos! Can’t wait.

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