FFWD Olive Oil Ice Cream

Where has this ice cream been all my life?  Honestly, I don’t need to finish this blog, the opening line says it all.  Divine, heavenly, simply amazing!

In anticipation of this week’s assignment, I went to my favorite local foodie/cooking store and purchased “fruity” olive oil (thanks, Maggie).  I had most of the other ingredients on hand because I actually own an ice cream machine and have for years.  In fact, we already made rhubarb ice cream this season.  The machine came compliments of my mom who used to work at the Home Store at Macy’s and was seriously addicted to a kitchen gadget but could only pull the trigger if she knew she was buying it for someone who would “use it” – one of her very famous phrases.

As in, “Well, are you going to USE it?”

I also own a fabulous ice cream cook book entitled The Ultimate Ice Cream Book by Bruce Weinstein, also from my mom.  It has the most amazing recipes and adaptations and has been a staple in our house for many years (see mom, I am USING it).  Oddly enough, this book doesn’t even mention such a heavenly concoction as olive oil ice cream.

One of the things I love most about making ice cream is that this really great surprise for dessert is already waiting in your fridge (or freezer in this case) and people are totally amazed that you made it yourself.  So easy and done ahead of time.  Hannah and I also made the decision to bake up some sable breton cookies that were suggested in the sidebar and wow!  I will be making these again, they were fab!  I had tried Martha’s shortbread cookie many times but always found them dry and hard to work with.

Quite the opposite here!

A major hit at the Feller house!

 I served it with a new baked ziti dish I pulled off of Pinterest, yum.

Can’t wait until next week.


Tuesdays with Dorie Oasis Naan

It’s been a while since I posted for Tuesdays.  I had great intentions of making the pecan sticky buns and my brioche dough was coming along nicely but something terrible happened when I left it in the fridge for two days.  Sigh.  Oasis Naan gives me a chance to jump back on that horse and get riding.

Bread making, especially by hand, is truly one of life’s pleasures.  I first learned how to make bread as a foreign exchange student living in Germany.  My host family signed me up at the local night school to learn to make bread in the hopes that my German would improve.  It did but my bread making skills won out.  I have loved it ever since.

This recipe was easy enough, and the smell of it rising was divine.  I used the kneading step as my weight lifting for the day (note the workout wear).

Maneuvering the breads on and off the baking stone was a bit tough but after I figured out to flour the other sheet I was using more then the sliding went off without a hitch.

I bribed a friend to take Eli to a fishing clinic and Hannah was off with a buddy so I made this one in peace and quiet.  They turned out great and I used them as currency for the bribe so not all that bread stayed in the house.  Fun recipe!

French Fridays with Dorie – Lentil, Lemon and Tuna salad

Let’s start this one off with a bang – this recipe was more than amazing!!  It was a huge success at the Feller household and we will most certainly be making this again and again this summer.  Most likely for American Players Theater…delicious Shakespeare under the stars with good friends and family, truly this dish would be perfect.

I must say I had a negative attitude when I first read this.  I just get so darned mad when I see cool ingredients and know full well that none of them are available here in the Boonies.  Whatever, get over yourself Heidi.  When we first moved here a million years ago, I joined a book club (not the one I am part of now, which is so cool).  There was a “lady” in this book club who actually had the audacity to complain about the price of the book.  Naturally, I was outraged and unleashed my fury on my husband, explaining to him (I can be QUITE nauseating at times), “You know, I received a Fullbright!”  To which he tersely replied, “Yes, but you live HERE now.”  Yet another reason why I am still married to this saint, he keeps me humble.

So, now I am over myself about no true French lentils and have moved on from the remote possibility of finding preserved lemons.  I am drawing on the creative energy and the  adventurous spirit of fellow Doriens and convince myself I can do this without all the fancy fluff (still secretly I would take that jar of lemons, I just know it would change my life).  I used my green lentils and followed the recipe with the broth and carrot and such.  Guess what?  They were spectacular!

French Lentils

While they were simmering away, I made the tapenade, also following Dorie’s instructions and HOLY COW!  Who knew homemade tapenade could be soooooo good?  In years past I had used a Moosewood version and it always seemed to be missing a little something, something.  Now I know what it was, anchovy!  Duh!  So happy that the leftover spread is sitting in my fridge, the kids have enjoyed it as an after school snack (I am well aware of the monsters we are creating by serving them such deliciousness).

tapenade, pure heaven

Time to assemble and serve.  I grated lemon zest and squeezed the juice on top in lieu of the holy grail preserved lemon.  It was an “ok”  stand in but I am ordering a jar of the real deal from Amazon in the very near future. Served on a bed of organic CSA lettuce and accompanied by roasted carrots with honey and rosemary. The results?  Fantastic!  Not a morsel left.  Welcome summer, you taste divine!