French Fridays with Dorie – Lentil, Lemon and Tuna salad

Let’s start this one off with a bang – this recipe was more than amazing!!  It was a huge success at the Feller household and we will most certainly be making this again and again this summer.  Most likely for American Players Theater…delicious Shakespeare under the stars with good friends and family, truly this dish would be perfect.

I must say I had a negative attitude when I first read this.  I just get so darned mad when I see cool ingredients and know full well that none of them are available here in the Boonies.  Whatever, get over yourself Heidi.  When we first moved here a million years ago, I joined a book club (not the one I am part of now, which is so cool).  There was a “lady” in this book club who actually had the audacity to complain about the price of the book.  Naturally, I was outraged and unleashed my fury on my husband, explaining to him (I can be QUITE nauseating at times), “You know, I received a Fullbright!”  To which he tersely replied, “Yes, but you live HERE now.”  Yet another reason why I am still married to this saint, he keeps me humble.

So, now I am over myself about no true French lentils and have moved on from the remote possibility of finding preserved lemons.  I am drawing on the creative energy and the  adventurous spirit of fellow Doriens and convince myself I can do this without all the fancy fluff (still secretly I would take that jar of lemons, I just know it would change my life).  I used my green lentils and followed the recipe with the broth and carrot and such.  Guess what?  They were spectacular!

French Lentils

While they were simmering away, I made the tapenade, also following Dorie’s instructions and HOLY COW!  Who knew homemade tapenade could be soooooo good?  In years past I had used a Moosewood version and it always seemed to be missing a little something, something.  Now I know what it was, anchovy!  Duh!  So happy that the leftover spread is sitting in my fridge, the kids have enjoyed it as an after school snack (I am well aware of the monsters we are creating by serving them such deliciousness).

tapenade, pure heaven

Time to assemble and serve.  I grated lemon zest and squeezed the juice on top in lieu of the holy grail preserved lemon.  It was an “ok”  stand in but I am ordering a jar of the real deal from Amazon in the very near future. Served on a bed of organic CSA lettuce and accompanied by roasted carrots with honey and rosemary. The results?  Fantastic!  Not a morsel left.  Welcome summer, you taste divine!



17 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Lentil, Lemon and Tuna salad

  1. alwaysaddmorebutter

    Good job Heidi! I’m glad you liked this one so much! Unfortunately the combination of lentils, olives, & tuna was too much for me so I skipped. I feel a little guilty because this is the first one I have skipped though. Maybe I’ll do a make-up post over the weekend. Let me know if that preserved lemon is really life-changing. I’m intrigued.

  2. Marlise

    Love your write up again. And I am so sorry you live in the boonies. For some reason I am not getting your updates sent to my e-mail. I am going to try to sign up again. Wish me luck!

    • heidi1169

      Hope it worked out, I seem to have been taken off of your list as well. Have you found the link to post the story for the week on the FFWD page? I am VERY frustrated.

      • Marlise

        Who knows why it happened. But I see you on my followers list, and I have been confirmed as following your blog, so we will see… I only do TWD, not FFWD, but I think something was up last time because the TWD link was really late too. And my Wok Wednesday group is having a problem with that too. Seriously, the cooking/baking world is falling apart. LOL!

  3. Kathy

    So glad this was a winner for you! I really enjoyed it, too! I didn’t have any preserved lemon and did exactly what you did. Zest and a squirt of lemon juice worked great! Very delicious looking salad!

  4. Cher

    Very nice. The anchovy was a nice touch to use in the dish.
    Re: the preserved lemon – it is SO easy to make (and inexpensive), you might want to give it a try. The hardest part is waiting for the salt to do its job (I usually have a jar, but I had used mine up earlier in the spring ao just ended up using lemon zest salt that I had on hand).

  5. Teresa

    I used the Moosewood version as a starting point for the tapenade I used in this recipe. If I have anchovies on hand, I use Dorie’s or Patricia Wells’ version. We really enjoyed this salad, too – I wish we’d had some of your roasted carrots on hand, though – those sound delicious.

  6. Mary Hirsch

    If you’ve been on a Fulbright (where did you go), then you are smart and wise enough to improvise. Which you are doing. And, doing it very well. When we first moved to Aspen 26 years ago, I had to order everything via the mail – there was nothin’. Things have improved, of course, and we will even have a Whole Foods by this Fall. But, back to you and your very good lentil dish which looked beautiful. I think kids are prettry sophisticated eaters if they are enjoying tapenade and lentils. Good for you. I am putting a jar of perserved lemons together this week so I’m not caught again. However, I used lemon zest and capers and it seemed to work just fine Hang in, Heidi.

    • heidi1169

      I was in Germany. I cannot believe that you had to order living in Aspen! That seems so strange to me. Will be working on that jar of preserved lemons here as well, thanks for the compliments (and the support).

  7. Adriana

    Your tapenade looks fantastic! I had to improvise a little on my salad jar with pre-chopped olives and the last bits of anchovy paste. I’m sad all my salad is gone now – it was such a big hit at our home.

    • heidi1169

      Who knew that anchovies or anchovy paste could make such a difference in a recipe? I used to think they were disgusting but now I have come over to the dark side!

  8. Betsy

    I think living in the Boonies is sharpening your cooking skills as you figure out how to improvise. Before you order that jar of preserved lemons you should try making your own. I used a quick version recipe I found, but you can make the real deal too if you have a week to spare. It uses things you can get where you are (lemons, sugar, salt). Nice job on this delicious salad. I loved it too.

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