FFWD Olive Oil Ice Cream

Where has this ice cream been all my life?  Honestly, I don’t need to finish this blog, the opening line says it all.  Divine, heavenly, simply amazing!

In anticipation of this week’s assignment, I went to my favorite local foodie/cooking store and purchased “fruity” olive oil (thanks, Maggie).  I had most of the other ingredients on hand because I actually own an ice cream machine and have for years.  In fact, we already made rhubarb ice cream this season.  The machine came compliments of my mom who used to work at the Home Store at Macy’s and was seriously addicted to a kitchen gadget but could only pull the trigger if she knew she was buying it for someone who would “use it” – one of her very famous phrases.

As in, “Well, are you going to USE it?”

I also own a fabulous ice cream cook book entitled The Ultimate Ice Cream Book by Bruce Weinstein, also from my mom.  It has the most amazing recipes and adaptations and has been a staple in our house for many years (see mom, I am USING it).  Oddly enough, this book doesn’t even mention such a heavenly concoction as olive oil ice cream.

One of the things I love most about making ice cream is that this really great surprise for dessert is already waiting in your fridge (or freezer in this case) and people are totally amazed that you made it yourself.  So easy and done ahead of time.  Hannah and I also made the decision to bake up some sable breton cookies that were suggested in the sidebar and wow!  I will be making these again, they were fab!  I had tried Martha’s shortbread cookie many times but always found them dry and hard to work with.

Quite the opposite here!

A major hit at the Feller house!

 I served it with a new baked ziti dish I pulled off of Pinterest, yum.

Can’t wait until next week.


11 thoughts on “FFWD Olive Oil Ice Cream

  1. Cher

    The Dude always challenges me on my kitchen acquisitions – so far, I think I’ve held up my end of the bargain. The Perfect Scoop and Jeni’s Splendid Creams are probably my two favorite ice cream books to date.
    This looks lovely 🙂

  2. Tricia S.

    I was chuckling because when I went to the basement to take the ice cream maker out of storage, I faintly felt the guilt lifting 🙂 Guilt for eating too much rich ice cream vs. guilt for not using said kitchen gadget……phew. Seriously, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed this one because Nana and I could not get our heads around the combo. That said, I am looking forward to trying other ice cream recipes not that the machine is out of storage so I appreciate your listing another good book of recipes ~

    • Teresa

      I finally made this ice cream last week and thought it was very good. I agree with you about having homemade ice cream ready and waiting for guests – it’s so impressive!

  3. Mary Hirsch

    I wouldn’t mind trying the rhubarb ice cream. I bet it is amazing. In Colorado I had the most wonderful and lush and full rhubarb plants – we couldn’t use it all. I made it in all ways but didn’t even think of ice cream. Those plants went “bye, bye” when we moved and the Nevada desert said, “Don’t even think of growing rhubarb here!” On to the Olive Oil – loved, loved, loved it. Made Limoncello Sorbet last night – homemade limoncello. Delicious. And, am making Mint Chocolate Ice Cream this week-end to celebrate my granddaughter advancing to fourth grade! I am using David Lebovitz’ recipe from his Ice Cream book. Thanks for your suggestions. I love my little machine. Tell your Mom I am using mine also.

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