Peach Melba FFWD

Well, I’m back.  I KNOW that you noticed  I was missing all summer long and that you are very happy I am back again.  I know I am.  Time for myself (aka putzing in the kitchen) was shoved to the back burner for a while.  Luckily it was replaced with afternoons at the pool, badminton and bean bag games in the backyard, a bedroom makeover and a visit from out entire family complete with an Olympics (it ended in a legitimate tie).  Don’t believe me?  Check out the photos!

Family Olympics!
My Dad’s project while he was visiting and yes, he made this himself!
How is it possible that our Hannah turned 13 this summer?

Enough with the shameless bragging and on to the recipe for this week.  The history on this yummy dessert fascinated me as I had no idea how it had gotten it’s name.  I also really wanted to give this one a whirl as I had admired (read drool) the photo earlier when our assignment was Olive Oil Ice Cream.

Poaching the peaches was simple enough but I admit I was concerned that they wouldn’t be sweet enough so I added more sugar and then had to compensate with lemon juice when I tasted the syrup later.  It just so happened that there was a bottle of creme de cassis lurking the basement, leftover from my Holiday obsession with Kir Royal cocktails (thank you Joyce and Brigitta).  I must admit that the syrup went from a bit too sweet to boozy after the addition of, well, the booze.  Raspberries in the blender,  homemade whip cream, yum, but I didn’t have it in me to get out the ice cream maker so purchased vanilla ice cream it is.

As I has been MIA most of the summer, I decided to make up for a bit of lost time by making the Cafe – Style Grated Carrot Salad from last week AND the Minted Zucchini Tagliatelle with Cucumbers and Lemon.  Overachiever?  Oh, you’ve met me.  No, not at all.  It just so happens that I am hosting our book club dinner this month and thought it would be fun to force others to ingest these experiments.  I served the salads along side a leek and bacon frittata and peach melba was on the docket for dessert.  The results?  Divine, if I do say so myself!  The carrot salad was refreshing.  I followed Dorie’s advice and tossed it all together a few minutes before serving.  Golden raisins and black walnuts added a hint of sweet and some crunch.  The zucchini salad was also a huge hit.  I improvised with the oil some and I know that really having pistachio oil would have made all the difference but olive oil and some shelled pistachios added at the last moment was pretty darn yummy too.

The peach melba was the true hit of evening!  It was sweet and tart and grown up all at the same time, even if I did serve it in kiddie cups.  None of us had ever had a true peach melba or even had a clue who Ms. Melba was.

Talk turned to the cookbook itself for a while and it made me fall in love with it all over again.  What a fabulous night!  Why we even had a bit of time to talk about our book , March by Geraldine Brooks.

Books and Bites book club, sometimes we even talk about the book!

Back in the saddle people and ready for more……….


7 thoughts on “Peach Melba FFWD

  1. betsy

    Heidi, welcome back this week. I’ve missed your sassy posts. Your book group sounds like mine. If we talk about the book for 20 minutes, it’s a success. Of course, our “meetings” last for hours. I love Geraldine Brooks! If you haven’t read her latest, Caleb’s Crossing, you should! I loved the peach melba too. And thanks for making the zucchini sound appealing. I was uninspired about that one, but now I’ll be sure to make it.

  2. Mary Hirsch

    Well, Heidi, you came back in style. What a wonderful Summer you enjoyed but we are glad to have you back with us. Your book club is lucky to have you. I read “March” this Spring and didn’t want it to end. As for the Peach Melba, I loved ever spoonful and didn’t want it to end. Keep cooking.

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