FFWD – lemon – steamed spinach

Loved this dish as did the rest of the family (except for Hannah, who hates cooked spinach)!  I didn’t bother to REALLY steam it, I just dumped it into a pan and let the heat do the rest.  The addition of lemon truly made this divine, I always use garlic with my spinach. I served it with a shaved asparagus pizza from The Smitten Kitchen cookbook, which I am completely obsessed with at the moment.


The real post is below and I think it illustrates nicely my attempt at leaving Perfection behind.  See, I misread WHICH recipe to cook for today and accidentally made next month’s!! Ha, who cares!? We loved them both and I enjoyed myself either way.

FFWD – Swiss Chard Pancakes ( sort of)

I have been MIA for a long time, longer than I care to admit.  A lot of things got in the way, school, job, family but mostly my obsession with doing everything perfectly.  I kept thinking I would get back to this blogging and cooking thing as soon as _____________ (fill in the blank).  In the last few months I have started to question the tapes playing in my head from a whole new angle.  It’s time to start living, people.  What the hell am I waiting for?

Yesterday this quote came across my Facebook page:

I choose to see this as a sign that I am on the right path.  Here I am blogging again because I WANT TO and because I LIKE TO and that is it folks.

Soapbox in the closet…….this recipe looked really yummy and reminded me of two other pancake type things; one was a sweet pancake generally made with apples that I used to eat in Germany called Apfel Pfannkuchen.  I know that Dorie’s is a savory dish but her description of her friend Didier and his love of his mom’s Frenchy pancakes  immediately brought up memories of  Pfannkuchen and how Omi used to make them in place of the traditional open-faced sandwich dinner.  The other recipe that jumped back into my mind was one I picked up at a cooking class and have since lost along the way.  They were teeny, savory pancakes made with corn and hot sauce.  They were topped with guacamole and shrimp and were totally divine.  Needless to say I was on board with this new pancake.

No swiss chard to be found and my Perfectionism started to nudge me from the corner.  “See! This is why we don’t DO this anymore, you can never execute it the way it SHOULD  be done.  Just give up.”  A swift kick to the nether region of said Perfectionism and I simply improvised and used spinach.  No big deal.  Have another glass of wine.

Here is what the batter looked like in the blender:


You’ll notice I am a little less Amish with the new IPhone and Instagram and all.  Thank my children, I had little to do with it.

We, I mean Bob, fried them up in Granny’s cast iron skillet.  They looked so yummy!!

I served them with a salad as suggested.  Ham, swiss cheese, English cucumber and dill along with spinach and a vinagrette made with real French Dijon (there is ABSOLUTELY NO substitute).  Bob even whipped up a dipping sauce of greek yoghurt and our lovely dijon.

The verdict, pretty darn great!!  This is a keeper! I can hardly wait until the fall when we actually have swiss chard from our CSA.



5 thoughts on “FFWD – lemon – steamed spinach

  1. Cher

    Welcome back!
    I am looking forward to trying the pancakes as well – those definitely had me thinking of my CSA (only two more month to go – yay!)

  2. Gretchen Haynal

    I love this!!! Also loving the idea of not doing anything perfectly (although you are pretty much perfect in my eyes). Way to improvise on the spinach. I adore the picture of you and Bob!!!! xoxo

  3. Adriana @ GreatFood360°

    Those pancakes look fantastic, Heidi. Thanks for testing the water out for us. I totally get being out of the blogging loop for longer than we intend to, but if it’s something we really want to do, we’ll make the time.

  4. Teresa

    I think spinach is a perfect substitute for Swiss chard in this dish. I’m looking forward to making these – thanks for the preview! I can also relate to letting go of perfection, it’s hard to do.

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