Pierre Herme’s Olive Sables

Delish, my friends, delish!  What’s not to love about an olive, right? These little melt in your mouth crackers/cookies did not disappoint.   I must admit I was a bit taken aback when I saw powdered sugar with olives but, what the heck? Trust Dorie, right?   I had tried a sable  ( Sable Breton Cookies ) on her advice before, way back when we made olive oil ice cream and she suggested we make these yummy  goodies on page 464  to go along with the creaminess of the ice cream.  They lived up to their hype as well.

This sable was simple to mix up, the dough was “dry” as described in the recipe but after chilling for a couple of hours, it cut well and baked up perfectly. The only issue I have with any of these “shaping” cookies/crackers is that I can’t shape.  There it is, out there for the whole world to judge.  I have never been able to shape, I can remember feeling badly about this in art class when we were instructed to roll out little snakes and then make them into a pinch pot.  Mrs. Riepe made it look so EASY and then Anne Landfield ( whose father WAS an artist) did exactly the same thing and I ended up making a mess.  Ugh!!  Funny what we remember.  Anyhoo, mine aren’t exactly cracker shaped.  Whatever.

Cookie with a savory element or cracker with a bit of sweet?  You decide.  I chose to showcase them with some marinated (olive oil, lemon zest and red pepper flakes) olives.  They served as an appetizer last Saturday night when we were invited over to some family friends’ house for a Birthday celebration.  Perfect, they were nibbled up in no time!




10 thoughts on “Pierre Herme’s Olive Sables

  1. Sara

    Yeah, I was never very good at rolling and shaping things either. I ended up with little rectangle sables! But that’s okay, they’re still delicious! And I think yours look very nice!

  2. betsy

    Welcome back! I’ve missed your witty take on our weekly recipes. We couldn’t decide whether these were cookies or crackers, but did agree that they were delicious. Who knew sweetness and olives would be a winning combination. Have a great weekend.

  3. TheKitchenLioness

    Heidi, lovely looking black olive sablés – glad that you enjoyed this recipe as much as we did and nice to see that you are posting again – certainly looking forward to your upcoming posts! Have a nice week and “see” you on Friday!

  4. amoureux animaux

    Bonjour! Juste pour te dire que je trouve ton blog vraiment sympa. Les artciles sont rédigés avec bcp de soins et sont la pluspart du temps très pertinents.. j’aimerais bien avoir la même inspiration 🙂 J’édite moi aussi un blog .. a bientôt, Julie

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