French Fridays with Dorie – Financiers

It’s been a really busy week here at the Feller household; first soccer practice, science fair project due, trying to get the golf course up and running (not happening – our weather stinks), dressing up as Piggy from the Piggy and Elephant series by Mo Willems for a library/school event…… yep, you read that correctly.  To prove that I am not making this up, here is a picture of me. For the record, I was smiling.  A big thank you to my partner in crime Jodie for being Elephant, the poor thing had to turn sideways to fit through the doorway.



photo (9)

Hannah and I took advantage of a quiet weekend to make these yummy financiers last Sunday.  I love to read the back story on recipes from Dorie.  I always feel so European and it fills my void of not living there anymore.   We decided to make the chocolate version as chocolate always trumps.  Obviously we don’t own a financier mold but we did take the time to google it so we knew what we were missing.  Super cute but totally unnecessary.  Purchasing almond flour also seemed superfluous so we wizzed some up in the food processor.

Only one problem when we were making the financiers, the cream boiled over.  Why do I consistently walk away from dairy products that need to boil rapidly?  Do I think it won’t boil over like it does EVERY SINGLE TIME???!  Clean up and retry, second time’s the charm.

photo (4)

Hannah has really become quite the little baker at our house.  She loves to try something new.  In fact, her science fair project topic investigated the best pan to bake chocolate chip cookies on.  She and her buddy Ali did a great job.  Here is a photo of them with their results at the fair.



photo (7)

Our results with the financiers were excellent as well.  We chose to serve them with Herkner’s amazing cherry topping made in the good old Midwest and available at Blue Heron, a great little store owned by friends of ours, Kay and Larry Schroeder.   Here is the link to their site:  Easy as pie and delicious too!! We may even make these for Hannah’s Birthday, they rocked!

photo (5)


12 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Financiers

  1. TheKitchenLioness

    Heidi, what lovely little chocolate financiers you made – quite a few of the FFwD group decided to bake this chocolaty version and from what I read and can see, these were srumptious, especially with the cherry topping. I enjoy all the pictures that you posted, my favorite one, however, is you and your friend dressed up in those costumes! Respect!
    Have a nice weekend!

    • heidi1169

      How was the party? Your “costume” looked great!! Madeleines turned out perfectly but I chickened out after reading the comments on the site. I chose instead to use Dorie’s recipe and advice which included refrigerating the batter a couple of hours and then baking it. The pan worked great!! Hope to see you again soon.

      • alwaysaddmorebutter

        I did the recipe from Baking with Julia and I thought they were great. I halved the recipe and added in some cinnamon & orange zest & then made a little glaze to go on top. Yummmmmm! The party was really fun!

  2. Elaine

    Chocolate and cherries are such a wonderful combination. Your financiers look beautiful, Heidi. My, you have had a busy week. I enjoyed all your photos and it is so much fun when your kids are in the kitchen with you, isn’t it? Those costumes you dressed up in are adorable!

  3. Teresa

    I’ve finally made the almond version this week, but looking at everyone’s chocolate version is making me wish I’d made those!

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