French Fridays with Dorie – Cod and Spinach Roulade

I soooo wanted to be on board with these.  I could totally picture the concept.  I even did a bang up job of convincing my husband to help me with the prep, all the while giving a pep talk to him (and me in my head) about how great these were gonna be.

Alas, friends, it was not meant to be and I must admit I was quite childish about the results. Bob was a trouper and stuck with me through the cooking of the sauce, the chopping of the spinach and EVEN the skin removing of the fish (don’t ask, oddly enough in these backwoods the ONLY fish I could find was perch and it had the skin on).  I ACTUALLY  had preserved lemon as a direct result of my Meyer lemon obsession in January.  It is also the only photo I have for this blog.  The carnage was too gruesome to capture for posterity.  Here is the photo of my preserved lemons using a recipe from the book Jam On:  The Craft of Canning Fruit by Laena McCarthy (  Awesome book, I will be using it again when and if spring shows its face here in good old Wisconsin.


Here is what happened.  We made them earlier in the day as the recipe said we could.  By the time it was dinner, a GREAT deal of the liquid had seeped out onto the plate in the fridge.  I proceeded with the steaming anyway.  After 25 damn minutes, they still weren’t done and I was completely freaked out by eating something wrapped in plastic that had been not only sitting in plastic all day but was now being cooked in this plastic and IT WASN’T WORKING!!!!

Cut to me throwing the whole thing out and breaking a dish in the process ( so childish).  We ate toasted cheese with ham and Granny Smith apple.  Bob and Eli were so kind to me later after I had cooled down.  They both gave me a hug and assured me I was still an excellent cook.

Plastic and pureed fish just don’t jive………………


8 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie – Cod and Spinach Roulade

  1. Sara

    I was really worried about these being undercooked, so I made my husband try them first. Well, they were cooked, but they weren’t very tasty! I don’t think you were missing much. I would’ve rather had a toasted cheese sandwich! That sounds way better!

  2. lynnlly

    I can understand the frustration. I started working on it in the morning and only got to eating it at night. It’s delish but it will be a long while before I try making it again. You have an awesome husband!

  3. betsy

    These weren’t my favorites but they were OK. Sorry that it didn’t work out for you. It made a great story though. Have faith, spring will come to Wisconsin soon. It’s finally coming here with a vengeance.

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