Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce cookthebookfridays

I’m back! After a long hiatus, I’ve returned to the land of cooking and blogging. The French Fridays with Dorie group has faithfully completed Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan. They’ve since renamed the group Cook the Book Fridays and chosen a new book to devour, namely the very famous David Lebovitz’s latest creation, My Paris Kitchen. I’m a huge fan! This book is so beautiful you want to tuck into bed with you at night (at least I did).

The recipe for this week is spiced meatballs with sriracha sauce. David’s story surrounding these delicious morsels helps transport the reader to Paris. This cookbook truly reads like a novel. As I finally made my first pilgrimage to Paris last January whilst visiting our daughter Hannah, anything describing this magical city holds my attention.

Here I am with our daughter Hannah at the Louvre and of course, I had to visit the iconic cooking supply store E.Dehillerin (thank you for homework assignment, Susan Holding) which just HAPPENED TO BE AROUND THE CORNER FROM OUR HOTEL!

Admittedly, I wasn’t out in Paris at three in the morning, so I never tried street food. The recipe was simple and straightforward. The scent of warm spices filled my new kitchen. It is a true pleasure to cook since my generous husband said yes to every one of my requests during the remodel. See for yourself!


It doesn’t always look that clean. It also gives the central air system a run for it’s money in the middle of summer. It is also quite possible that I love it more than my husband.

I chose to bake the meatballs. It seemed easiest. Unfortunately, they were in the oven a bit too long. The taste was spot on but they should have been taken out about four minutes earlier. I made both sauces mentioned in the recipe, along with a lovely Middle Eastern inspired quinoa salad and hummus. They could have been a wee bit spicier for my taste. This recipe would be perfect for a cocktail party. Our family enjoyed the meal while watching The Breakfast Club. It was time for Eli to see it! When I asked him the day after what he thought a “lesson” of the movie was, he replied, “That you should be worried that you will turn out like your parents.” There are worse things in the world…………………………





9 thoughts on “Spiced Meatballs with Sriracha Sauce cookthebookfridays

  1. Emily

    Wow, your previous entry prior to this … was way back in 2013! Truly welcome back (I joined FFwD very late and managed to catch up with the Doristas with only 90+ recipes left undone!).

    Lovely kitchen you have there! Great job with the meatballs and the two sauces. I personally preferred the yogurt dip!

  2. betsy

    It’s so nice to have you back with us. With a gorgeous kitchen like that, the group gives you an excuse to be using it. I agree that these meatballs were delicious. It seems like everyone served them as a meal rather than a starter, so it’s interesting to see what everyone chose to fill out the plate. (P.S. You and your daughter look like sisters in that photo!)

  3. Mary Hirsch

    Welcome to CtBF’s. You will notice some familiar faces and many new ones. I think you ended blogging with AMFT just as I was beginning. Susan was still cooking with us occasionally or with Tuesdays with Dorie. I agree with you. David’s book is wonderful, both as a cookbook and a good read. I’m feeling a little kitchen-envy right now. Love, love, love that stove. Agree with Betsy that your Paris photo is a sister-sister look-alike! I used lamb for these meatballs and also baked them in the oven. Will be making them again, that’s for sure.

  4. Teresa

    Welcome back to the group! That was a great choice to serve it with some Middle Eastern inspired dishes. It sounds like a wonderful meal (even with the potentially deflating analysis of an 80s classic at the end!).

  5. bakeawaywithme.com

    Welcome to CtBF’s! Glad you decided to join in on the cooking. I really loved this recipe and served it rolled in a pita with cucumbers and tomatoes…and of course the yogurt sauce. A perfect end of summer light dinner.
    Love that stove!! Beautiful!

  6. Katie from ProfWhoCooks

    Welcome!! And that’s great you’re joining in with us!

    Okay, your kitchen. Yeah, that’d give my husband a run for the money too in terms of which I loved more. 🙂 I also chuckled at the movie lesson. And, hey! congrats on your first trip to Paris–looks like it was magical!

  7. dulceshome

    Welcome to the group! Hope you will enjoy cooking along with us! Your meatballs look great. Nice that you did 2 sauces – I only did the Sriracha mayo one. But these were a hit.

    Thanks for the catch up over the past few years – a new kitchen and a trip to Paris! Great!

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